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At Saint Sebastian’s we pride ourselves on working hard to provide the best for our children. Our recent local authority review, conducted by Wokingham Borough Council, had the following to say about the quality of teaching and learning. 

"The overall effectiveness of the school is good because pupils benefit from at least good teaching and make good progress through the school. Staff pride themselves in matching learning to individual needs and pupils are well prepared for the next stage in their education. Staff work hard to provide pupils with a rich, broad and balanced curriculum with some notable special events through the year."                                                                                                                                  

Alongside this we are particularly proud of our children for the hard work and dedication to their learning which has produced an amazing set of results!


Foundation Stage 2015


Our Foundation Stage children achieved the following levels of development at the end of the school year.

READING   63% exceeding expectations (WBC 60% and National level 2014 54%)

WRITING 63% exceeding expectations (WBC 62% and National level 2014 55%)

NUMBERS 79% exceeding expectations (WBC 66% and National level 2014 60%)

SHAPE, SPACE AND MEASURES 84% exceeding expectations (WBC 72% and National level 2014 66%)


Key Stage One 2015

SPEAKING AND LISTENING 88% achieved a level 2+ and 33% achieved a level 3+

WRITING 88% achieved a level 2+ and 21% achieved a level 3+

MATHEMATICS 88% achieved a level 2+ and 33% achieved a level 3+

SCIENCE 88% achieved a level 2+ and 13% achieved a level 3+

Overall Average Points Score (Reading, Writing, Maths):

The National expected progress would be 15.0



Key Stage Two 2015

 Reading testMaths testGrammar, punctuation and spelling testWriting TA
14% 19% 19% 14%
86% 81% 81% 86%
86% 67% 62% NA
62% 52% 52% 43%


Further information about the performance of the school can be found here: