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Gifted and Talented


At Saint Sebastian's we are committed to engaging all children to reach the highest standards.

Gifted and Talented children are identified using broad and appropriate criteria, reflecting both achievements in school and outside. Where appropriate the school will appoint a Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator who will play an integral part in the school leadership team.

The school may run booster classes for children who are gifted and talented and would benefit from more challenging teaching, so they can reach their full potential.

Some children will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of challenges with like minded children. These are often held at Wellington College, Eagle House, Emmbrook Secondary School, Luckley House and other venues.


A definition of Gifted and Talented:

  • Gifted: describes students who have the ability to excel academically in one or more subjects such as English, drama, technology

  • Talented: describes students who have the ability to excel in practical skills such as sport, leadership, artistic performance. These students may well follow a vocational training pathway to accreditation and employment

Saint Sebastian’s works closely with Wokingham Borough council to support children who require additional support. Further information can be found here