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Summer Week 7

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you are all well, working hard, staying safe and feeling happy! 

It's World Ocean Day on Monday 8th if you want a day (or week-there are a lot of resources on the website) linked to that. I've put it at the top of the planning sheet.

Take care everyone, missing you! Email if you need anything

Mrs Fildes

 1. Year 4 Week 7 Weekly plan.docxDownload
 2. HTTYD Ch 15, 16 and 17.zipDownload
 E 3. electricty fact file.pdfDownload
 E 4. thomas_edison_information report.docxDownload
 E 5. Boxing up an Electricity information text.docxDownload
 M 1. Monday's worksheet-Lesson-2-Dividing-2-digits-by-10.pdfDownload
 M 2. Tuesday's worksheet-Lesson-3-Hundredths-as-decimals.pdfDownload
 M 3. Wednesday's worksheet-Lesson-4-Dividing-1-and-2-digits-by-a-hundred.pdfDownload
 M 4. Thursday's work Word-Problems-10-100.docxDownload
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