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Broadmoor Escape

In the event of an escape, local schools operate a cascade alert system. Information is passed from school to school. The cascade system is routinely tested every second Wednesday of each term.

Schools will stay open and operate as normally as possible.

Action in the event of an escape

In the event of an escape children will be required to:

  • Remain in their classrooms working normally with an adult
  • Not be allowed out during breaks or outside PE/games

The school will:

  • Ensure that all external doors and windows are closed and gates locked.
  • That visitors calling without prior arrangements at the school will be asked to call on another occasion. Visitors will only be admitted to school once identification has been produced or with the approval of the Head Teacher.

All staff on the premises should consider themselves on duty during the alert.

Responsibility for Attendance and Collection of Pupils
  • Parents who know of an escape before their children leave home for school will be expected to make arrangements for escort.
  • Where an escape occurs before the lunch break, pupils will be kept at school, at midday unless collected by their parents. Pupils who do not have a lunch will be provided with a meal. Parents will be asked to pay the appropriate charge for the meal provided. If parents decide to collect their children at midday, they must be responsible for their safe RETURN to school in the afternoon.
  • If the emergency extends to the end of the school day, no child attending Saint Sebastian's will be allowed to leave the safety of the school premises, unless collected by a parent or carer or other responsible adult known to school staff.
  • Contact details for all families will be regularly checked and updated.
  • In addition to the normal registration of children at the start of school sessions, class checklists will be used to record children leaving the premises.
  • On subsequent days parents will be solely responsible for the safe conduct of children to and from school.
  • Staff will not be expected to supervise pupils after school or provide lunches after the first day.