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Year Three is taught by Mr Handy, supported by Mrs Renshaw and Mrs. Rizwan.

This page contains regular updates of our learning both in and out of the classroom, photos of activities and useful links. You can also find important information here such as timetables, class newsletters, educational visit details and spelling lists.

Looking after property: A request:   

Hello, in recent weeks we have used a lot of stationary in the class. Frankly, some of the children have developed an attitude of not looking after their property, because they know the school will replace it for them.  To help encourage the children to look after their property, I have decided to no longer replace pencils, pens, white-board pens, rulers, etc if the children lose or break them.  Can you please help the children to make sure they come to school with everything they need to learn:

  • pencils
  • 12 inch ruler (no bendy or hinged ruler please). These were provided at the beginning of the year, but many have been snapped or written on.
  • Complete PE kit

Of course, all of these should be named.

I will keep a small stock of these for children to borrow for a few days until they are able to replace those thy have lost.  I hope you will understand that if the children lose the borrowed equipment they will be expected to replace it.

On a separate note, could I also ask that the children not bring to school the pencil sharpeners with a handle that have recently become popular. They find playing with these during lessons almost irresistible!  I do provide pencil sharpeners on every table.

Thank You, Mr. Handy


 homework 29.11.docxDownload
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Homework   For the children re-drawing the torch/shadow diagram, here is what it should look like.  You also need to label the light source, the object and the screen.

Knowledge Organisers for Autumn 2

In the run-up to Christmas we will be studying Light in Science, and the UK in Geography.  The knowledge organisers below will give the the opportunity to 'get ahead' in these subjects, and help you to be prepared for maximum learning! 

 Yr3 Geography UK Knowledge Organiser.docxDownload
 Yr3 Science Light Knowledge Organiser.docxDownload
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A little Holiday homework


 Home Learning holiday.docxDownload
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Reading! A very slow start to the class reading competition last week. Only 4 children had read 4 times in the week and once at the weekend! (Reading diaries are checked on Monday). Just a reminder that reading is the bedrock of success at school, and home-reading is absolutely vital to the children's learning.

thanks,  Mr. Handy

Scissors!  Please do not let your children bring scissors to school. Some scissors are sharper than they look, and I'd rather we used the scissors that I know are safe.

thanks,  Mr. Handy

Pencils!    Can you please make sure your child brings a pencil to school, and a new one ready if it's getting short.   I'm running out, and some of the children are developing a 'No need to look after my pencil; Mr. Handy will always give me a new one' attitude. My rule now is to only give a new school pencil if the children give me the old (short) school one.

Latest Homework (Due Wednesday 9 October)

English homework this week: improving sentences.   Please note homework cannot always be posted here: for example if it involves a copyrighted document. Homework will always be given out in class (although each week I find several copies on children's desks on Monday morning!

 Improving sentences homework.docxDownload
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Ufton Court Initial Briefing  Here are the slides from this afternoon's (Wednesday 18th) meeting. Please get if touch if you have any questions or concerns.

 UFTON COURT 2020 initial briefing.pptxDownload
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Class Newsletter Autumn 2019

 Class News Year 3 Autumn 2019.docxDownload
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Well done Year 3, the first week's homework went quite well, with only a couple of homeworks late and 2 missing. Let's go for 100% on time this week!

The document below includes both of this week's homeworks, your know which one you are supposed to be doing.

 homework Place value additon.docxDownload
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Important Points in our Timetable:

  • PE Kits for Monday and Tuesday (PE kits should be in school at all times)
  • Library book for Wednesday
  • Art Shirt for Friday
  • Spelling tests on Mondays

 Don't forget!

Our timetable is always subject to change.


What You Can Do To Help At Home!

Please help your child by supporting them with their homework, spellings and times tables. Times times is central to the Year Three maths curriculum, therefore you should encourage your child to practice and learn times tables on a daily basis. By the end of Year Four, it is essential that all children know their timestables up to 12x12 so they are prepared for upper KS2 maths.

Please click on the below links for example times table grids to practise with:

60 times tables grid ~ Answer Sheet

Mixed 144 times tables grid ~ Answer Sheet

144 division grid ~ Answer Sheet