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Year 4 Autumn 2016

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Year Four is taught by Miss Johnson.

Throughout the week, our learning is supported by Mrs Renshaw and Mrs Rizwan.

This page contains regular updates of our learning both in and out of the classroom, photos of activities and useful links. You can also find important information here such as timetables, class newsletters, educational visit details and spelling lists.

Year 4 - Autumn class news.


We need to say a big hello and welcome to our two new Year 4 children, John and Maddy. If you see them around the school, please help to make them feel welcome.

Our weekly timetable:

Important points in our timetable:

  • PE on Tuesday and Friday (PE kits should be in school at all times)
  • Library on Wednesday
  • Spelling tests on Monday
  • Times table tests every day
  • Reading records checked on a Tuesday - don't forget to read 4 times each week and get it signed by an adult!

Don't forget!

Our timetable is always subject to change.


We have a massive focus on timetables this half term as it is essential for all children to know their times tables up to 12x12 in time for upper KS2 maths. Therefore we will be completing daily times table activities. 

We are also looking at using formal methods for answering questions linked to all four operations and understanding the value of each digit in a given number.

Click on the calculation policy to see how you can support your child to use a formal method when calculating numbers at home.


UPDATE! We've been looking at fractions and decimals a lot recently but now need to move onto time. Children are expected to be able to read the time to the nearest minute, so please encourage them to tell the time at home and work out 'how long' it will be until an activity and what the end time may be. For example; It's 2:35pm and grammar will take 30minutes, what time will it finish? Thank you for your continued support.

Maths at home!

Please help your child by supporting them with their times tables daily. Reciting the times tables before eating breakfast or asking 5 questions as you walk or drive to school will make a huge difference.

Please click on the links below to access different maths sites that can support your children's learning.

Times tables:

60 times tables grid                   ~          Answer Sheet

Mixed 144 times tables grid      ~          Answer Sheet

144 division grid                        ~          Answer Sheet




Cool maths

Maths shed


BBC bitesize

Maths games

Fraction games



In English, we are looking at Anne Fine and the book, The Diary of a Killer Cat. Here is an audio clip of the book. Our main focus is writing a diary-entry style text, as well as on how to describe feelings and character within our writing.


Next we focused on persuasive adverts as our genre and had great fun creating our own ‘super shoes’ as part of our homework. Then we used these ideas in our class writing and these are some of our fantastic pieces of writing.


Now it’s all about information text/ non-chronological reports. We’ve been busy identifying the features of a non-chronological report this week and working out the difference between facts and opinions. You've completed some really fantastic homework on these, well done everyone for your efforts!


English at home!

Spelling and grammar are big focuses for Year 4 so keep learning these daily.



UPDATE! There seems to be lots of children who require numerous retests each week for the spelling tests. Please support your children to learn their spellings each week. In order to help with some more inspiring ways to learn them than just writing them down, please see the attached document.

Unusual ways to learn your spellings


All children are expected to know what all of these statutory words mean and how to spell them by the end of the year in preparation for upper KS2.

Click here for the statutory spelling list.

Click on the links below to see your spellings list.  

List A        List B        List C       List D        List E         List F      List G        List H      List I         List J         List K       List L        List M        List N      List O      List P



Please click on the links below to access different grammar sites that can support your children's learning.


BBC bitesize




UPDATE! A massive ‘WELL DONE’ to Isobel who is the only child to get her reading diary signed by an adult from home at least 4 times every week! A pat on the back also goes to Elisabeth who has only missed one week! Lots of the class have improved their home-reading, well done, but there are a few who keep forgetting to return their diary and therefore can’t earn their reward…

We are really pushing reading at home and where possible, we are asking children to be heard by an adult and to get their reading diary signed 4 times a week.

A large proportion of the Year 4 reading curriculum looks at children understanding what they have read, predicting what will happen and the children being able to ask questions about the text.

Please find below some questions that might be useful as a starting point when discussing what you have been reading with your child.

  • What do you think will happen next and why?
  • Who is the main character and how do you know?
  • What are the main points in the text? Summarise what you have just read.
  • How does this character show their thoughts and feelings?
  • How has the author used a variety of sentence structures for effect?
  • Why has the author chosen this word? What effect does it have on the reader? Can you think of a better one?
  • What does this word mean? How can you find out?
  • Why has the author used a heading, bullet points and images?
  • What would you like to find out from this book? What questions would you like to ask?


AT1 - Our focuses are hockey and gymnastics this half term and our skills have really improved during PE.


AT2 - Now we’re learning to play football as a team with a big focus on passing accurately to our team mates. In dance we’re learning to move in time to music which Ishe, Joshua and Darcy have shared with the whole class. We’ve also used partners and we’ve been learning a whole class dance routine, that uses mirroring and cannoning, to a Disney song. Maddy and John have learnt the moves really well as they’ve only just joined us!



Also, we had an exciting visit from a London Irish Rugby play who ran some taster sessions throughout the day for every class. In Year 4, we particularly liked to tag game where you collected as many tags as possible from all the other children in the class. Thank you for a lovely session!  Click below to view some photos. London Irish


AT1/2 - We are looking at Stone Age jewellery and will be making our very own necklaces out of clay. We will also be drawing cave paintings on different canvases including stones! These will be very useful for our school visit this term... Photos of our creations to follow.


Take a look at all the different creations we’ve been making in our lessons. We have linked most of our Art and DT lessons to our history topic, the Stone Age. This includes using charcoal, pastel, paint and pencil to recreate cave drawings and to discuss which medium creates our desired effect the best. Also, we have been using different canvas for our images; paper, sugar paper, stones and bark. We also used clay to make some Stone Age necklaces which have spherical beads, teeth and shells. A lesson weaving and creating wattle and daub mixture to create a panel for a round house, was very messy but really enjoyable!


AT1/2 - RE includes learning about Harvest, Christmas and how the world was created this half term.

NOTE: take a look at our Harvest prayers on the tree in the school entrance!

We have written prayers in our Thursday morning, in class, reflection time and taken some time to thank and bless people who are important in our lives. We're asked for God's assistance in achieving our own personal weekly targets and these can be seen in our classroom 'jar' and on our window display. 


AT1 - We're all excited about our new music programme called Charanga. Mamma Mia is our main song this half term. We will be learning the words to the song; how to maintain a steady rhythm and using the glockenspiel's to play as a class orchestra.


AT2 - Music is all about Christmas songs and learning to change the pitch and volume of our voices this half term… Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer is a clear favourite, especially with the echo!

Our Christmas Church song is on this link. The children in Year 4 have been given the song lyrics today! Please help them to learn their words. Many thanks. 

Christmas Song


AT1 - Bonjour! French is all about greetings, numbers and colours.


AT2 -We've also been writing our own French books based on "The enormous Turnip" but called "Le Melon E'norme."    Soon we will be looking at French Christmas. 


AT1/2 - It's focused on how to get along with each other and problem solve if we disagree. We've learnt some new techniques for relaxing and we've even taken some time to reflect on how we can stay calm and resolve difficult situations.


AT1 - History

It's all about the Stone Age - Iron Age for our History topic and we will be linking our trip to this topic... More news to follow.


AT2 - Geography

Geography is all about the weather this half term. We’ve made some rain gauges this week and will be using these to help us record the local weather. Watching the weather on the news would be really helpful if you get a chance to do this. We will be learning about some of the different cloud types over the next few lessons, so checking the cloud cover as and when you can would also be helpful. Now we're just hoping for a bit of rain!

Here we are making and positioning our Rain gauges in preparation for our investigation.


AT1 - Communicating safely via the internet is our main aim this half term. We have almost finished our internet safety posters and will be sharing these with Reception class very soon.


AT2 - Computing has moved into the use of excel to create tables of data and graphs. These have been a little tricky so far but we’re getting better. We hope to have some graphs to help explain the findings from our Geography based weather investigation very soon.


AT1 - We are looking at living things and their habitats in science this half term and have been outside the classroom exploring our school's habitats.

Here are some photographs of our work - we have been grouping animals based on their characteristics and we have made classification keys about them. Also, we have conducted investigations in our local area to find out and classify different vegetation.


AT2 - Science has now moved onto solids, liquids and gases and we completed a very messy investigation that involved melting chocolate buttons on our hands. Did you know that Elisabeth had the warmest hands because her chocolate melted the fastest and Ollie’s was the complete opposite!


A note from the children:

In Year 4, in science, we have been learning about habitats. For our homework, Miss Johnson set us a challenge to make our own habitats in a box/on a plate. We also had to write a description about them. We made a variety of habitats that were all different and unique. The locations included; tropical rainforests, deserts, north/south poles, jungles, ponds, hydrothermal vents and under the sea.

We had lots of fun sharing them today during assembly and with the Reception children.

Our homework was FANTASTIC this week! Can we have more homework like this please Miss Johnson?

Take a look at all our wonderful creations by clicking on the link below.

Habitat images

Our school visit to the Lookout on 9.11.16

It might have been cold and damp but we had a brilliant day with plenty of learning and fun going on.

First we went on a nature trail and had to look very carefully at our surroundings to find the correct signs, paths and tree trunks in the log piles.

Then we explored the stream and pond and thought about why it would form here.

After a quick drink and snack, we completed some bark and leaf rubbings. Some turned out so well that we added them to our posters once we returned back to school.

Then we had a scavenger hunt, finding as many small items as we could to add to a piece of sticky paper. We all had messy hands by the end of that!

Lunch and the very important toilet stop didn’t keep us still for long as we soon headed back outside. This time we recreated some pieces of Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork which looked amazing!

Finally, we made our Stone Age shelters (minus the animal skins) and really enjoyed the challenge of squeezing as many people into it as possible. We just wished we could have stayed there longer!