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Year 4 Spring Term 2017 







Important points in our timetable:

  • PE on Tuesday and Friday
  • Library on Wednesday
  • Spelling tests on Wednesday
  • Times table tests every day
  • Reading records checked on a Tuesday - don't forget to read 4 times each week and get it signed by an adult!

Don't forget!

Our timetable is always subject to change.


ST1 - Starting with some gymnastic balancing, jumping and rolling. Then it's netball for some team work, passign and shooting.

ST2 - Moving on to lots of team work with our rugby...




Update: All the children in Year 3 and 4 were able to attend swimming lessons at the Carnival Pool in Wokingham as part of their PE lessons in ST2. The children thought this was an unforgettable experience and they all really enjoyed attending. On the final day, they had an opportunity to swim in their clothes and learn some survival skills. Everyone achieved a target and received a certificate. Well done! They can't wait to go again! 


ST1/2 - It's all about Judaism and Hinduism this term with a particular focus on the Easter story.


ST1/2 - We're learning to play the glockenspiels in time.

Update: In Year 4, we have been learning to play different songs on the glockenspiels and we have especially enjoyed learning to play the song D-E-F-initely.


ST1/2 - We're learning to position objects in French and creating our own French dictionaries.


ST1 - History 

Roman settlers and invaders: moving on from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, this half term we're focusing on th Rotten Romans.


ST2 - Geography

Geography is all about EU countries and our local area.


ST1 - Headphones at the ready! We're using online musical instruments to create repeating patterns and a mini-orchestra.

ST2 - We have been using touch typing to write our own 'World Book Day' stories and have started to learn to research and use the program 'Scratch' in preparation for next term.


ST1/2 - Making positive behaviour choices, New Years resolutions and working friendships.


ST1 - The first half term we're making Roman inspired mosaics as well as getting our hands very dirty making coil clay pots.


ST2 - It's all about the textiles and making something inspired by our English topic... more to be revealed closer to the time...

Update: We have been creating MINPINS. These postage stamp sized characters have been carefully created with the help of Mrs Renshaw. We have developed lots of sewing skills and designed their clothes down to the tiniest of detail. Next half term, we will be using paints to create our very own backgrounds for our Minpins to explore.




ST1/2 - We're learning about teeth, digestions and food chains. We'll be starting off with digestion and then looking at our dazzling smiles amongst other activities along the way.

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Year Four is taught by Miss Johnson.

Throughout the week, our learning is supported by Mrs Renshaw and Mrs Rizwan.

This page contains regular updates of our learning both in and out of the classroom, photos of activities and useful links. You can also find important information here such as timetables, class newsletters, educational visit details and spelling lists.

World Book Day!

 Wow! Lots of really inventive costumes and really interesting books. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many Jacqueline Wilson and Tom Gates characters before! Well done for all your efforts and your stories, book reviews and front cover designs were brilliant.

More exciting news!

Katy Sexton the Olympic Swimming came to visit our school on 8.3.17

 Whilst Katy Sexton was here, we learnt lots of facts about her and we got to hold some of her really special outfits and medals. She even brought her MBE and gold 'watery' medal from the Common Wealth Games. Isobel got to try on Katy's olympic tracksuit jacket. Katy is an inspiring Olympian who showed use that we should take part in sports and exercise lots (even if we have to get up at 5am like her). Now Katy has her own swimming school and is inspiring children to follow in her footsteps. We also learnt lots of facts about Katy, including the fact that she has always been a water baby, her mum looks after all her medals so she doesn't break them, her favourite colour is blue and that she has a 'Frozen' lunch box! Katy also really enjoyed swimming in Sydney, Australia and also meeting the Queen. Thank you for coming to our school Katy!


JC Day! 27.1.17

In Year 4, we have learnt to trust each other more. We have completed different activities including; blind folding and directing each other as well as balancing against each other in PE. We've had lots of fun too!

Find the photos below.


Our weekly timetable:


We're looking at division and using a formal method at th moment. The calculation policy demonstrates how to solve these types of questions. Making the link between timestable knowledge and division knowledge is really important.

We'll also be telling the time and would appreciate you asking the children to tell the time at home. They need to be able to tell the time to the nearest minute and know the difference between am and pm.

Maths at home!

We still have a massive focus on timetables, so please continue to support your children. Please click on the links below to access different maths sites that can support your children's learning.

Times tables:

60 times tables grid                   ~          Answer Sheet

Mixed 144 times tables grid      ~          Answer Sheet

144 division grid                        ~          Answer Sheet




Cool maths

Maths shed


BBC bitesize

Maths games

Fraction games



In English, we are learning about weather poetry, stories with historical settings linked to the Roman's and imaginary worlds linked to a book that will be revealed next half term.


Update: We have been learning all about the Roald Dahl story, the Minpins. This has imaginary worlds and settings and has enabled us to become extremely creative this half term. Have you ever met a Gruncher or a Minpin? You really should get this book in a jiffy if you haven't met them as they're very interesting characters. As part of our learning, we have learnt part of the text off by heart, completed drama activities and used this to help structure our own versions of this story. We have built up descriptive vocabulary and developed lots of writing skills along the way. We even linked this to our art... making our very own Minpins!

English at home!

Spelling and grammar are also big focuses for Year 4 so keep learning these daily.


Please support your children to learn their spellings each week. In order to help with some more inspiring ways to learn them than just writing them down, please see the attached document.

Unusual ways to learn your spellings

All children are expected to know what all of these statutory words mean and how to spell them by the end of the year in preparation for upper KS2.

Click here for the statutory spelling list.

Click on the links below to see your spellings list.  

List A        List B        List C       List D        List E         List F      List G        List H      List I         List J         List K       List L        List M        List N      List O       List P


Please click on the links below to access different grammar sites that can support your children's learning.


BBC bitesize



Become a BOOK MONSTER by reading with an adult and asking them to sign your reading diary 4 times each week.

A large proportion of the Year 4 reading curriculum looks at children understanding what they have read, predicting what will happen and the children being able to ask questions about the text.

Additionally, children will develop skills in comprehension and there will be a larger focus on this for homework this term. Many children have a target linked to answering two mark questions fully so please work with them to answer these questions and write an 'S' on their work to show that you've supported them. Thank you.