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Year 4 Summer Term 2017

Class News Year 4 Summer 2017




ST1 - This half term we will be focusing on Rounders and Athletics in preparation for sports day.

ST2 - Then we will be moving on to some cricket and tennis skills.



ST1/2 - We will be focusing on two main questions this term.

1. Does Jesus have authority for everyone?

2. Can made up stories tell the truth?


ST1/2 - As well as developing our glockenspiel work further with different songs and more notes, we will also be learning our 'KS2 play' songs.


ST1/2 - In French there is going to be lots of new vocabulary to write in our French dictionaries as we will be exploring; pets, weather, seasons, families, transport and food!


ST1 - Geography

We are continuing to learn about the EU and more specifically we will be comparing England and France. Also, we will learn to read a variety of scaled maps, identify OS symbols and settlements as well as other uses for the land around the school site. 


ST2 - History

After that, we'll take a look at the Vikings and their settlement patterns before linking all our topic work for the half term into designing the best Viking settlement and plotting this on an OS map using appropriate symbols.


ST1 - We will be starting off this half term researching using the internet whilst ensuring that we are using the internet safely and sensibly. The research will link closely to our Geography topic and finding out lots of information about France and England.


ST2 - Later on, we will be designing our own animations through different computer programmes.


UPDATE! See the bottom of this page for our stop-animation film clips.


ST1/2 - Maintaining friendships, working as a team, developing strategies for learning and transitioning to Year 5 will be our focuses this term in PSHE.


ST1 - First of all, we will take a look at Claude Monet and how he developed his landscape images. Then we will be imitating/magpie-ing some of his great ideas and trying them out for ourselves. After that, we will be using these methods to great our Minpin backgrounds to pull all our work together.


ST1 - Our Food Technology module will involve designing and making food for a picnic later in the term.

ST2 - When we start to look at the Vikings, we will be researching about Viking long boats and then designing and making group ones to test in water. How many will stay afloat?




UPDATE!  For our Minpin picnic, we didn't let the rain stop us having fun. Instead, we created dens in the classroom and had our picnic inside!

Here are some of our designs.


We are starting off this half term focusing on data handling. Therefore, we are learning to collect data by surveying people; drawing a variety of our own graphs and charts and then moving onto interpreting them.

Also, we will continue to work on telling the time and reading timetables, particularly looking at explaining how long a journey takes and calculating time across the next hour.

Formal strategies for answering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tasks will be continually reinforced and can be found in the maths calculations policy. Children will be able to further their skills by applying this knowledge to answer 2-step worded problems and applying it to 'real-life' concepts.

Maths at home!

We still have a massive focus on timetables, especially division, so please continue to support your children. Please click on the links below to access different maths sites that can support your children's learning.

Times tables:

60 times tables grid                   ~          Answer Sheet

Mixed 144 times tables grid      ~          Answer Sheet

144 division grid                        ~          Answer Sheet




Cool maths

Maths shed


BBC bitesize

Maths games

Fraction games



In English, we are learning to write newspaper articles, explanation texts, information texts and shape poems. These will be linked to a variety of our other lessons.

We are starting with newspaper articles and have found some unusual happenings going on one Tuesday evening... toads flying, controlling TVs and scaring birds! It sounds like we need some detectives and news reporters to get to the bottom of all this!

English at home!

Spelling and grammar are also a very big focus in Year 4, so please keep learning these daily.


Please support your children to learn their spellings each week. In order to help with some more inspiring ways to learn them than just writing them down, please see the attached document.

Unusual ways to learn your spellings

All children are expected to know what all of these statutory words mean and how to spell them by the end of the year in preparation for upper KS2.

Click here for the statutory spelling list.

Click on the links below to see your spellings list.  

List A        List B        List C       List D        List E         List F      List G        List H      List I         List J         List K       List L        List M        List N      List O       List P


Please click on the links below to access different grammar sites that can support your children's learning.


BBC bitesize



Read with an adult and ask them to sign your reading diary 4 times each week please.

A large proportion of the Year 4 reading curriculum looks at children understanding what they have read, predicting what will happen and the children being able to ask questions about the text.



ST1 - We're going to need to listen carefully this half term as it's all about sound, how sound travels and how we can make sounds! Some ear defenders may be required! Or maybe they could be made?


Take a look at the images below of our investigation linked to sound vibrations. We were allowed to 'ping' rulers, 'pluck' elastic bands and even 'hit' a tuning fork on the table to make the water 'splash' everyone! It was a great lesson today! 5.5.17


ST2 - Later on, we will be exploring electricity and electrical circuits.


UPDATE! In the document below, you can see our ear defenders!

Computing has been extremely exciting this half term!

Brickies have been into school to work with us to make stop animation films linked to our history topic - The Vikings.