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Inspiring and nurturing young hearts and minds

Teaching about Fundamental British Values


At Saint Sebastian's we teach children to understand fundamental British values in the following areas:


Democracy-making decisions together


This includes:

Promoting turn-taking, sharing and cooperation

Encouraging children to give opinions, share their views, thoughts and feelings and listen to and value the views of others

Ensuring that children know their views count, because they are listened to

Allowing collaborative thinking and joint decision-making

Providing opportunities for critical thinking and questioning


Teaching and Learning opportunities include:

  • History/Geography-Ancient Greeks, United Nations
  • Discussions about Parliament
  • English-Exploring Stories from other cultures
  • RE-Learning about different religions eg Christianity, Sikhism, Buddism, Judaism,
  • PHSE-De Bono-thinking skills, Circle time, Show and Tell
  • Blooms Taxonomy
  • Maths-Problem solving
  • Peer marking, Next steps discussions, Talk Partners
  • Science-Working Scientifically, questioning, observing
  • Children nominate others for the Good Samaritan Cup


Whole school and cross curricular opportunities include:

  • Voting for School council
  • Termly Meetings with Deputy Head to ascertain the child’s point of view
  • Book Day and Christmas Hat Parade
  • Viking Day-Boats
  • Architecture Day-Making Bird Cages
  • Space Dome Visit
  • School Clubs- eg Netball, Board games, Craft and Storytime


Individual Liberty-freedom for all


This includes:

Ensuring children have the space they need to be themselves, to express their individuality and have a positive sense of self

Ensuring children have opportunities to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and increase their confidence

Ensuring children reflect on their differences and understand that everyone is free to have their own opinion

Recognising that children have a right to make decisions about and be involved in their own learning and development


Teaching and Learning opportunities include:

  • History-Discussions about the importance of democracy
  • Encouraging empathy
  • Self and peer assessment of activities
  • Sharing assemblies
  • Class charters
  • Discussions about the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child
  • EYFS-Regular opportunities to choose own learning
  • Yr6 Buddies for Reception children


Whole school and cross curricular opportunities include:

  • Milestones Museum-learning about how the past can influence the future
  • Henley Rowing Museum-growing self- confidence as children learn new art techniques
  • JAC-learning to ride horses
  • Visits to Oakwood
  • Social skills groups
  • EYFS-visits to Jubilee Club
  • Yr 6-Helping at Pre-School


Rule of Law-understanding rules matter


This includes:

Encouraging children to follow established routines

Helping children understand that rules and routines apply to everyone

Helping children distinguish right from wrong

Enable a culture where children understand their own and others’ behaviour and its consequences

Helping children set their own appropriate behaviour boundaries and rules


Teaching and Learning Opportunities include:

  • School and Class Rules
  • Code of Conduct
  • Yr 6 Charter
  • Family points /Silver Cards awarded for good work and behaviour
  • Circle time discussions about right and wrong, bullying etc
  • Circle of Friends
  • RE-Discussions about social morality
  • Literacy-Stories/Poetry with morals eg Aesop Fables


Whole school and cross curricular opportunities include:

  • Assemblies led by Headteacher and Key Stage Leaders re importance of rules
  • School Vision and Ethos
  • Visit to Windsor Castle
  • Family Group plays written by Yr 6 about following rules and knowing what is wrong or right
  • Church Assemblies
  • Sharing the School Behaviour Policy with Parents
  • Parent Forum
  • School Council-participating in whole School decision making
  • Yellow and Red cards for unacceptable behaviour


Mutual Respect and Tolerance-treating others with respect


This includes:

Ensuring a culture of inclusivity

Encouraging positive relationships

Recognising and celebrating different faiths, beliefs, customs and celebrations

Celebrating differences and similarities

Teaching children to think of others; to be thoughtful and empathetic

Helping children to manage frustration and resolve conflict

Encouraging kindness

Engaging in a wider community where all views, faiths, cultures and races are valued

Challenging negative attitudes and stereotypes

Actively using resources that reflect a multi-faith and multi-cultural Britain


Teaching and Learning Opportunities include:

  • RE-Learning about and celebrating some aspects of different faiths
  • History/Geography-Learning about customs of different Continents and countries
  • World War 2-Investigating children’s lives
  • Show and Tell
  • Holly and Ivy/Adventures with Fred the Frog-encourage children to write about own customs and traditions


Whole school and cross curricular opportunities include:

  • School Links with Mityana-Uganda
  • Staff Handbook
  • Visit to Imperial War Museum
  • Drama-Perform
  • Celebrating Music and Dance from different cultures- eg Indian Dance, African drumming
  • Heart Partners
  • St Georges Day/St Patricks Day assemblies