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British Values

At Saint Sebastian's we teach children to understand fundamental British values in the following areas:

Democracy-making decisions together 
  • Promoting turn-taking, sharing and cooperation
  • Encouraging children to give opinions, share their views, thoughts and feelings and listen to and value the views of others
  • Ensuring that children know their views count, because they are listened to
  • Allowing collaborative thinking and joint decision-making
  • Providing opportunities for critical thinking and questioning
Teaching and Learning opportunities:
  • History/Geography-Ancient Greeks, United Nations
  • Discussions about Parliament
  • English-Exploring Stories from other cultures
  • RE-Learning about different religions eg Christianity, Sikhism, Buddism, Judaism,
  • PHSE-De Bono-thinking skills, Circle time, Show and Tell
  • Blooms Taxonomy
  • Maths-Problem solving
  • Peer marking, Next steps discussions, Talk Partners
  • Science-Working Scientifically, questioning, observing
  • Children nominate others for the Good Samaritan Cup
Whole school and cross curricular opportunities include:
  • Voting for School council
  • Termly Meetings with Deputy Head to ascertain the child’s point of view
  • Book Day and Christmas Hat Parade
  • Viking Day-Boats
  • Architecture Day-Making Bird Cages
  • Space Dome Visit
  • School Clubs- eg Netball, Board games, Craft and Storytime.
Individual Liberty-freedom for all
  • Ensuring children have the space they need to be themselves, to express their individuality and have a positive sense of self
  • Ensuring children have opportunities to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and increase their confidence
  • Ensuring children reflect on their differences and understand that everyone is free to have their own opinion
  • Recognising that children have a right to make decisions about and be involved in their own learning and development
Teaching and Learning opportunities
  • History-Discussions about the importance of democracy
  • Encouraging empathy
  • Self and peer assessment of activities
  • Sharing assemblies
  • Class charters
  • EYFS-Regular opportunities to choose own learning
  • Yr6 Buddies for Reception children
Whole school and cross curricular opportunities include:
  • Milestones Museum-learning about how the past can influence the future
  • Henley Rowing Museum-growing self- confidence as children learn new art techniques
  • JAC-learning to ride horses
  • Visits to Oakwood
  • Social skills groups
  • EYFS-visits to Jubilee Club
  • Yr 6-Helping at Pre-School
Rule of Law-understanding rules matter
  • Encouraging children to follow established routines
  • Helping children understand that rules and routines apply to everyone
  • Helping children distinguish right from wrong
  • Enable a culture where children understand their own and others’ behaviour and its consequences
  • Helping children set their own appropriate behaviour boundaries and rules
Teaching and Learning Opportunities include:
  • School and Class Rules
  • Code of Conduct
  • Yr 6 Charter
  • Family points /Silver Cards awarded for good work and behaviour
  • Circle time discussions about right and wrong, bullying etc
  • Circle of Friends
  • RE-Discussions about social morality
  • Literacy-Stories/Poetry with morals eg Aesop Fables
Whole school and cross curricular opportunities include:
  • Assemblies led by Headteacher and Key Stage Leaders re importance of rules
  • School Vision and Ethos
  • Visit to Windsor Castle
  • Family Group plays written by Yr 6 about following rules and knowing what is wrong or right
  • Church Assemblies
  • Sharing the School Behaviour Policy with Parents
  • Parent Forum
  • School Council-participating in whole School decision making
  • Yellow and Red cards for unacceptable behaviour
Mutual Respect -treating others with respect
  • Encouraging positive relationships
  • Celebrating differences and similarities
  • Teaching children to think of others; to be thoughtful and empathetic
  • Helping children to manage frustration and resolve conflict
  • Encouraging kindness
  • Challenging negative attitudes and stereotypes
Teaching and Learning Opportunities:
  • RE-Learning about and celebrating some aspects of different faiths
  • Geography- Unit of study - Mityana
  • History/Geography-Learning about customs of different continents and countries
  • History - World War 2 and Remembrance
  • Show and Tell
  • PHCSE lessons
Whole school and cross curricular opportunities:
  • School Links with Mityana (Uganda)
  • Staff Handbook
  • Visit to Imperial War Museum
  • Saint Day assemblies
  • Remembrance service
  • JC Week
  • Collective Worship Club